The Lumen Architect designs and supplies bespoke and high end lighting for hospitality, high end residential and professional residential care installations. We offer everything from small single lamp wall brackets to triple volume crystal chandeliers and large bespoke decorative shades to table lamps for both specification and supply. We use a variety of UK and European manufacturers and distributors to ensure we can offer quality lighting to suit your requirements.

The Lumen Architect is the exclusive agent for the UK and Eire for Orion Lighting (Austria).

Orion Lighting is available from The Lumen Architect

Orion Lighting was founded in 1948 by Rudolf Molecz when he was a sales agent for electronic devices and materials. In 1953 his son, Leopold, joined the business and the name changed to reflect the family nature of this growing enterprise.

In 1959 they were granted a license to fabricate their own luminaires and by 1969 their first high street shop was opened in Vienna. In 1975 the organisation became known as Orion Lighting. Employing over 250 people worldwide, they have established their own designs and reinforced their brand values. Their reputation for guaranteeing high quality products and delivering a professional service has not only secured them the trust of thousands of customers but it has also ensured they were awarded the license to carry the Austrian coat of arms by the Ministry for Economics and Labour. 2017 saw their first targeted approach to the UK market via The Lumen Architect. The latest retail catalogue is identified as Kat 322.


Having a highly skilled workforce allows them to produce the majority of their products in house from raw materials to finished goods, including electro-plating and powder coating; ensuring their high quality standards are maintained whilst facilitating the quick turnaround required by their customers.

Orion produces the majority of it’s goods in Vienna and as such can offer a bespoke service using the thousands of standard parts they keep “on the shelf” for normal stock production. The variety of choices using these parts is almost infinite. A super example of the flexibility of options for a simple product is the Ball range.

All Orion lights built in Vienna are tested, quality inspected, packed complete and shipped with crystals already mounted, saving huge amounts of time on site and reducing installation damage!


The Lumen Architect and Orion Lighting welcome project enquiries, such as the above restaurant, where Orion can clearly demonstrate that lighting is a critical component for any installation .

The company has established and applies a Quality Assurance System according to ISO 9001 and is the largest manufacturer of residential luminaires in Austria.

To discover more about Orion, please contact us for more details about the products, how to purchase them from a local retailer or how to become an Orion Retailer.