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through knowledge and creativity

About The Lumen Architect

The Lumen Architect is the established lighting design and bespoke luminaire division
of Lumen Designers Ltd, working across the United Kingdom, Eire and Northern Europe.

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Creating effects using light is quite simple! However, to create the effects you desire in the places you desire them is an art form which can only be cultivated from real life installation experiences and an understanding of the substrates you are working with.

We specialise in luminaires, lighting controls and professional lighting design for all projects ranging from small residential sites to multi-million Pound developments; our largest project to date had a total build cost of just under £55,000,000 GBP.

What we do?

We construct our light fittings and design our installations to save you money and ultimately deliver the wow factor!

The final percent

With our experience, we are moving from 99 to 100, not starting from 0. That means we are focused on creating new solutions, whilst using our experience to expedite the process.

Our commitment

Working with us you will work with professional certified designers who are passionate about lighting, lighting design and luminaires – you could say we live it and love it!.

Your satisfaction

Creating a design it is not an end in itself, but a means. We understand the rules of the game and we play by them; it’s about providing painless solutions and making you happy.

How about Some Fun Facts about Lumen Designers?

Average Saving
Years Industry Experience
Products Available
Positive feedback

Lighting design can be subjective but we are dedicated
to crafting objective creations for you!

Wonderful lighting designs require
‘designers who understand’ materials &
how they interact with all light sources

Our Philosophy / Services


Creating a design it is not an end in itself, but a means. We actively seek to work with others to deliver our promises and make you happy.

Lighting Design

Professional certified designers create environments that are exciting, inspiring and come to life! ‘We build better light!’

Lighting Controls

We use daylight, microwave and PIR detectors. Scenes can be dimmed using DMX, 1-10V, DALI, DSI or Phase cutting (product dependent).

Lighting Reports

Lighting calculation reports are provided in pdf format to ensure illumination is at the correct level and in the right location.


Lighting is at the centre of our universe. That’s why our lights and controls form a very important part of our 4D puzzle.

VLC Navigation

Visual Light Communication is one competitive solution for indoor navigation using smart phones & LED lighting. Consultation required.


Our designs can incorporate the latest technology, LED, absence / presence detection, Visual Light Communication, Emergency, etc.

Luminaire Design

We have been designing luminaires for several companies since 1999 and LED light engines since 2008 which are sold by reknowned OEMs.

LED Training

Our founder is a lighting expert and consults to help commercial teams understand LEDs, their applications and balance the pro’s and con’s.


Every design we considers future innovations and the refurbishment cycle of the site in question to keep capital and maintenance costs down.

Energy Surveys

Lighting surveys for energy purposes also highlight inefficiencies in operational and maintenance costs delivering a triple saving.


If you are concerned about a 3rd party lighting proposal we can complete an independent survey; all our schemes are always compliant!

Are you ready to start a conversation?

The people who have trusted us so far

Who we are?

We are a team of designers who are passionate about lamps, lights, luminaires and lighting design!

This is our dedicated team of designers and administrators who work day-in and day-out to bring our clients the most amazing projects
using our mantra “We build better light!”


Lead Consultant




Lighting & Luminaire Designer


Business Administrator

We work with interior designers across the UK for commercial and residential projects. You can book our showroom and use it as your own to show some higher end designs an dthen have a private meeting in our dedicated meeting room. Please call for more details.

A glimpse of work we’ve done for
forward thinking brands and clients


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