We’re buzzing here!!!


We are working on 7 retirement homes / extra care living / care homes / assisted living projects throughout February; some existing customers coming back again but mostly new clients referred to us by existing contacts – thank you all for your trust and support in recommending us to your clients!

Some of these projects came about through the desire to use innovative lighting solutions for real life requirements that move away from an institutional feel, some for bespoke concepts that had to link the project with the local community, and some, sadly, because they had been let down by the previously chosen company to design for them.

A quick phone call to us and we had the design drawn up, reports published and alternative solutions offered within 72 hours because we said we would – not many companies can do that but we do need the freedom of product information to be able to! Thanks to our wonderful suppliers for freely sharing retail prices, photometry, technical data, 3D files, etc – you make it easier for us to transit customers away from those with insular minds and poor service levels!

We had our quarter made last week when one client said that we were always recommended by them now because we deliver on our promises and never let them down – that was a great phone call to get late in the week!

It’s great to know that people are talking about your business and taking a keen interest in what you do: some because they love working with you and want to help you grow, others because they are envious and wish to emulate our customer service levels and the relationships we have built with our customers over the years because we actually care about our customers!

That’s why we’re buzzing…. are you?