Light Pollution Reports Critical to planning Application Success

Having already secured planning application success for a mutual client, Indigo Planning asked The Lumen Architect to assist with another project where light pollution on an adjacent railway line was preventing planning consent.

Reclamation and waste management can be a difficult application to gain planning approval for. When the site is adjacent to a busy railway line on one side and a natural habitat on the other, planning consent could not be granted without a detailed lighting design and pollution report.
Our detailed submission included impact studies and a video of a train drivers view travelling past the site on a dark night with no natural light. The effect of the video and calculation evidence was so strong that the site was finally given full consent by a unanimous vote after many thwarted attempts!

  • Client: Land Recovery Ltd via Indigo Planning
  • Date: November, 2017
  • Skills: Light Pollution, Dark Skies, Lighting Design, Exterior Lighting, Industrial Lighting

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