Anti-microbial Shades

Anti-microbial Shades?

Are you and your colleagues concerned about, or responsible for, the procurement of infection safe lighting?
Do they believe it is a minefield of ambiguous sales talk, or do they have to wade through pages of claims leaving your company exposed? In uncertain times, it is important to know that there are some of us who are here to help and not hinder.

Don’t panic! You are not alone……!

COVID19 brought a lot of uncertainty and worries regarding the spread of the virus and other Corona based organisms. Whilst some are profiteering from this uncertainty, Lumen Designers has been working hard to help our customers come to terms with the future of incorporating bespoke lighting solutions using our UK manufactured shades with integrated infection control.

We have many care providers and retirement living specialists who employ Lumen Designers to make bespoke products, create lighting designs and supply their properties with lighting solutions that are both high quality and cost effective. It is because of our relationships with our suppliers that we are able to offer all our UK manufactured shade products with an antimicrobial coating for just a small uplift in price – just a few percent for peace of mind.

Download our Antimicrobial lighting leaflet here